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Black Ops 4 is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game. Unlike previous titles in the Call of Duty series, Black Ops 4 is the first entry to not feature a traditional single-player campaign, and contains only Multiplayer, Zombies and a new battle royale mode called Blackout. Unlike Black Ops III, the game allows only one unique Specialist per team, in order to emphasize the role of each character.

Following launch, more Specialists are added to the roster, with unique weaponry and equipment. Multiplayer has also been reworked with various changes for more tactical and teamwork gameplay. Automatic health regeneration is removed in favor of a manual healing system with each player having a health barweapons are now given predictive recoil patterns, and a mixed ballistics system, using both hitscan and projectile damage, is employed as opposed to just hitscan.

Weapon customization is also emphasized, allowing for deeper personalization of players' arsenals; attachments are also given tiers, with tier-2 upgrades providing even bigger improvements to the weapons. Certain weapons also offer Operator Mods, which significantly change how a weapon works, while costing a significant portion of the 10 customization slots per class. In addition, the game includes Specialist Headquarters, a solo mode featuring skill-based tutorials that unlock backstories on various Specialists in the game.

The game mode features a wider range of customization, allowing for more personalized play styles. Mechanics of the game can be customized via "Custom Mutations", which include over variables, such as overall difficulty, zombie speed, health, damage, and more. Time-limited events known as "Callings" are also promised to be included in the game for long-term engagement.

Oct 11,, When is the Black Ops 4 release date? From Blackout to zombies, here's everything we know about the next COD game. Oct 18,, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 review – Blackout, multiplayer and more Sales have slowly declined, and what was once the most exciting FPS. The most thrilling multiplayer experience offers tactical, grounded gameplay and player choice; The biggest Day 1 Zombies offering ever with three full Missing: cuando ‎| ‎Must include: ‎cuando. Pregunta: ¿Qué debo hacer si Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 se para mientras juego, la partida se cuelga o se cierra inesperadamente? Respuesta: Las partidas. Here's what we know about Call of Duty, including the Black Ops 4 release date, zombies leaks, news, rumours and more.

Similar to the Nazi Zombies mode in Call of Duty: WWIIcustom loadouts are included to allow players to select different starting weapons, equipment and special upgradable weapons, as well as perk selection to be available in each match. A new game type, Rush, is introduced into Zombies, where the players build up points and multipliers and compete against one another for the highest point.

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