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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Walkthrough 10 - Shogun Showdown

All Articles Hitman 2: When he comes out sneak into the door and hide in the garage.

HITMAN 2 – Game Update, IO Interactive

Wait until he comes back in and kill him. Now to the Don objective 1. The best way to kill him is to enter through the kitchen and sneak upstairs or kill him while he is standing on the balcony with 1 shot. Either way you choose enemies will be alerted unless you use the silenced ballers or 9mm.

Now go upstairs without getting to close to guards and pick up the keycard objective 2.

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Sneak back down stairs and into the kitchen. Go down to the basement and kill the guard patrolling.

He should be dressed in a brown jacket. Look into the room and find out that Vittorio has been moved objective 3. Outside you will see another guy dressed weird in blue shirt and brown pants. Steel the car key and escape.

hitman 2: silent assassin - walkthrough/faq

When you start out get your weapons and head up the stairs. Watch out for the one guard patrolling the area.

Hitman 2 mission 10 - hitman 2: silent assassin walkthrough 10 - shogun showdown

If you have trouble just shoot out all the lights. When heading up the last set of stairs drop the SVD. Kill all guards insight, you should have no problem.

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Pick up the rifle again but make sure to have the 9mm equip. Head to the big building that's a place of interest. When you enter the place and are heading up the stairs watch out for the 1 guard. When you get you sight kill the guy that is on the left side in the front row sitting down drinking a beer.

Kuala Lumpur, les fameuses tours Pétronas, 47 doit y débusquer sa cible au sous-sol. Une multitude de gardes. There will be additional videos! Difficulty: normal. Nov 16,, With the release of Hitman 2, I've been thinking a lot about what makes a good Hitman mission. Across seven games, we've accompanied.

Once killed drop the SVD and have no guns out. Just walk to the sub way. You only have to kill a few people.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Walkthrough 11 - Basement Killing

First when you start kill the guard that comes walking directly in front of you but wait until after the limo passes. Pick up your equipment. Head to the sniper building and kill the guy inside.

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Now aim and wait until the generals hug.


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