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Call of duty black ops 4 zombie maps guide

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Call of duty black ops 4 zombie maps guide: 5 tips for getting farther in black ops 4's zombies

That is why we have decided to include some useful and relevant tips for each map. Deemed the toughest map by many players as of late, not only do you battle zombies but a ferocious tiger as well.

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Additionally, in the labyrinthine layout, gladiator zombies and standard ones will always be at your back and would not give you a moment to breathe. Your primary strategy would be to first grab Homunculus from the Mystery Boxes on the map.

For the specialist weapon, the Hammer of Valhalla to cause incredible shock damage and stun via Thunder Strike and Lightning Bolt. Alternatively, a second choice should be the Viper and Dragon special weapon as it will really help in taking out hordes of zombies but may struggle against stronger enemies like the gladiators.

The firearm could be any fast-firing assault rifle. The strategy is to roam around the Inner sanctum room, running loops, while using the Homunculus to distract enemies and using the full power of your firearms to deal damage.

Keep moving around the round until you charge your special weapon, the Hammer, at which point take full advantage of it to deal some extra damage, especially to the boss enemies. Reloading the weapon occasionally will ensure the electric shock stuns the enemies a little so you can rush away. That is all you need to carry out to excel on the IX map.

Voyage of Despair High-Round Strategies As of now, the map has been receiving criticism for being too harsh especially when the points system is concerned.

Near the stairs region, you will have spawn points very close to each other as well as services like the Pack-a-Punch and weapons off walls, so we recommend sticking around this area.

It is essential to Pack-a-Punch your weapon, presumably assault rifle, as the fight really gets too tough.

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You need all the ammo and damage you can get as every bullet counts. Of course, a Wonder Weapon will make the job much easier, so see if you can stick around long enough. Overall, it will be best to see if Treyarch rolls up a patch to ease up the difficulty for this map as currently, it stands as one of the toughest ones.

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