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Mario tennis aces 2 player adventure

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Buy now Master every mode Get into the swing of things with fun single-player modes.

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Adventure Mode Number of players: Control Mario to complete missions, take on bosses, and defeat the legendary racket. Swing Mode Number of players: Big Ball, Rally Challenge, and more!


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Tournament Mode Number of players: Online Tournament Play as many matches online as you want throughout the month to rack up in-game points. You can even watch in real time as you rise through the ranks. Participants can get early access to an additional playable character each month! See characters How to participate: Select Tournament from the main menu, then choose from COM Tournament or Online Tournament, which offers Standard Class includes energy, the new shots, and racket breaking or Simple Class basic shots only.

Tournament champs deserve an award!

Mario tennis aces 2 player adventure: mario tennis aces: how to play splitscreen multiplayer

Check out the Party pack for a printable papercraft trophy, a tourney bracket, and other great activities. Go to Nintendo eShop on your device and sign up for a free 7-day trial or become a member to try out all of the action-packed Tournament Modes today!

Free Play Challenge your friends and family in a dedicated multiplayer mode.

If all players are using the same Nintendo Switch system, then people can play. Co-op Challenge Number of Players: Check active event in-game for details.

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Available September 19 These online co-op events let you participate in missions that are only available for a limited time. Not available in all countries. Internet access required for online features.

Online services and features, including online play, are free until the paid Nintendo Switch Online Service launches in September Mario Tennis and Nintendo Switch are trademarks of Nintendo.

Mario Tennis Aces - Splitscreen Gameplay


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