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Yes, I speak of a Goomba. Technically, the very first adversary Mario faces in the first Super Mario Bros. Since then, Goombas have grown to become one of the most recognizable characters in video game history, and could certainly be considered the most recognizable enemy in any Mario game So what gives?

Reparations for all the years of stomping need to be made.

All you need to do is match the color of the application ball with the color of the car on the road. But watch out, there will be another car right behind it.

Still, if a Chain Chomp can tromp around the court with a racket in its mouthso can a Goomba. So, yeah, that or duct tape one to its side or give it some sort of racket hat.

I just want to see it use its tiny little legs to try and keep up with the ball. Plus, it fits how I imagine a Goomba would play tennis.

When you re ready, jump into the room above you. In the fire tower, there are two floor displays you can step on. You ll have to roll back and forth to each encounter to avoid the flames. When you re high enough, jump to the ledge on the north side where the us are.

Which sounds like a sight. What also sounds like a sight is if the Special Shot had our Goomba getting on top of a Goomba Tower. I know the idea of a living wall playing tennis might sound a little too impractical, and might sound more like squash and less like tennis.

But just think about how great it would be to see Whomp shimmy side to side to reach and whack back a ball. Born as a kind of 3-dimensional cousin to the classic Thwomp enemy, Whomps have been around the block quite a lot since Mario Hell, it would be cool to see a miniaturized version of King Whomp instead.


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