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Spider-Man, who is starring in his own video game on PS4 now, has a massive rogues gallery. In fact, there are so many that we wonder how the wall-crawler manages to keep track of them all!

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Marvel Database First Appearance: Cletus Cassidy This edgy and unhinged villain is an offshoot of the symbiote that resulted in another Spidey villain, Venom.

Carnage, for his part, is a symbiote bonded to the criminally deranged Cletus Cassidy. The Lizard Photo Credit: ThoughtCo First Appearance: Kurt Connors First appearing way back inDr.

Discover ideas about Disney Marvel. View an image titled 'Hammerhead Art' in our Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions art gallery featuring official character.

Connors has gone through several redesigns over the years. He is a dark reflection of Peter, a man twisted into an animal-like form due to science gone wrong. The Lizard is fast, super-strong and possesses enhanced healing capabilities, making him as much a physical match for Peter as a mental one.

When this happens and you need to get the weapon, a bow is a very similar process. With a core, there are a few different ways to play or de-cock. One method is using a high rope, and you can find many with this game online.

William Baker The shape-shifting criminal known as Sandman is often characterized as a petty thief who happens upon his shape-shifting powers. In some stories, he even fights alongside Peter. What makes him so memorable, though, is the genuine pathos that goes into his often-tragic backstory.

The Rhino Photo Credit: Reddit First Appearance: The lumbering behemoth is a match for even superheroes like the Hulk and the Thing, making him downright terrifying for Spidey to match up against. However, Peter often triumphs over the Rhino thanks to his quick wits and fast fighting style. Spider-Man Wiki First Appearance: Maxwell Dillon Maxwell Dillon was once a powerline repair man, but a freak accident resulted in.


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