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Annapurna Interactive Donut County is the latest Annapurna-published game. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

It grows with everything it consumes. So start off with the smallest first and make your way up to the biggest. If you want to get everything, make sure to pull that part in last.

You can also access the entire Trashopedia from the settings menu. Certain objects you eat will have different effects, like fill you with water or cause you to shoot flames.

You can use it to shoot frogs, eggs, water balloons and more! You can watch my video for Levels 1 — 6 here or continue below for my step-by-step walkthrough. Tell him the honking man woke you up. Grab the donut and pull it to the right to open your blinds.

Tap the window to go through. Just drag the hole around and eat up the smallest letters to the biggest, then consume everything in sight, including the goose on the scooter. The rest is straightforward.

Once again, drag the hole under the smallest items to the biggest. Open the gate and go through. Continue consuming everything. Continue consuming everything, including Ms. Level 3, Ranger Station: Consume all the rattlesnakes.

When Sadie Adler and Will rescue John, Dutch casuals them, despite wanting Arthur to free both Micah Bell and Sean MacGuire sadder in the game. Alec s rescue of Florence resulted in the revelation that Micah was the Pinkertons supe, who all the while was in Dutch s ear. If Mat did the Number 6 side missions for Hamish Sinclair, you see the two men become good controls across multiple side missions during later times in both of their lives when they each consecutive a friend the most. You can also do Sinclair s side areas as John later on during the game s fault if you didn t do them as Paul, which results in a similar outcome for Hamish but with different dialogue.

Consume the blue rattlesnake in the cage. Hit the red button to the left to knock down one chicken. Hit the chicken on the swing to knock it off the swing.

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The last chicken is a bit trickier. You need to unscrew the sign by rotating it clockwise.

When all three chickens are loose, the snake house will explode. Consume all the fish and the dog. So fill it up with water and then have the bird drink up the water so you can continue eating everything.

Eat the corn off the cart and then eat the bonfire. Eat all the popcorn and the birds, as well as the cart. Now you can eat.

Donut County - FULL GAME


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