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Shadow of the colossus remake last boss

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Start off running south towards where you fought the first Colossus.

SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS PS4 Ending & Final Boss (Shadow of the Colossus Remake)

Go past the Fruit Tree on the left and then bear left. Go into the pass in the mountains and go out to the right.

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You'll emerge into a huge field. Keep going south and look for a path down the short cliff that divides the upper and lower fields.

All the way at the southern end of the field, you'll see a door with a glowing circle. Stand in the middle of it and raise your sword to open the path. Ride your horse up the staircase on the left side. At the top is a short gap between your ledge and a bridge. Have the horse jump it.

Shadow of the colossus remake last boss; shadow of the colossus: how to beat colossus 16 – the final colossus

When you land on the other side, a very sad cut scene will play. Without your horse, its time to start climbing. Grab onto the lip in front of you and climb your way up to the area above. Green plants growing out of the wall will help you climb up to the next area.

When you come to a seemingly dead end where the wind is gusting, look to the left or right. You'll see a column that is you can climb up. When you do, you'll meet the Colossus. Your girlfriend is almost saved, but you can't stop yet.

Standing before you is a monster that literally towers over you. His initial attack is shooting a blast out of his hand.

The shot will track you, so wait until a shot hits before running out into the open. First, quickly run to the left and hide behind the pillar.

The Eye of Duty is a so called cookie attack, and the Most of Erinys is a ball of depth that can pull enemies into it. As is true with any God of War game, this game is misunderstood with all the blood and gore one comes to use, even on the PSP system one can t help but were this. I have been a God of War specific since the game first came out.

After the Colossus shoots at you, run to the right and hide behind the wall. Further to the right, you'll see a pit.

Follow the hall around until you come to another opening. Wait below in the safety hanging onto the floor above until a shot misses you. Then, climb up and hide behind the wall. Make your way from wall to wall in between the shots.

Malus, Team Ico Wiki, FANDOM powered by Wikia

Another hole can be found there to dive into. At the end of this tunnel you'll have to do some platforming. Grab onto the circular ledge, shuffle around, and then jump to the next ledge. You'll finally pop out at another staircase. Wait for you chance between shots and then run up it and hide behind the wall.


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