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Nvidia RTX 2060 Review
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It has a decent set of demanding graphical effect options and is compatible with DirectX Its graphics benchmarks also task the GPU with a variety of complex particle and lighting effects, which makes it a great all-round gauge of how a new card will handle modern titles. The p frames per second count also leaves me reasonably confident the will be able to run it with ray tracing when the update rolls out. Wildlands Despite being at the end of its life cycle, the Ghost Recon: This makes it a good metric for judging how the game will handle big open-world games.

Shadow of the tomb raider rtx 2060 - ray tracing and dlss now available for shadow of the tomb raider

RTX Wildlands benchmark Here, too, the was a solid performer, once again matching the At p, it came in just shy of the 60fps ideal. The 43fps p frame rate is also more than playable.

You can also easily boost performance by dropping the settings to Very High, rather than Ultra. Ashes of the Singularity: RTX Ashes of the Singularity benchmark The benchmark told the same story as Wildlands and Tomb Raider, with the offering performance on a par with themaking it a stable workhorse for p and some p gaming.

Fire Strike Extreme 3DMark is a synthetic testing suite with a variety of different benchmarks designed to simulate various types of game. Fire Strike Extreme is one of the more demanding.


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The GPU once again positioned itself next to the in terms of raw performance. The improved lighting, shadows and reflections gave the game new life and looked amazing. The only downside is that without DLSS, running it put a serious strain on the You can see the impact on the GPU in its Ultra setting in the table below.

Hopefully, the addition of DLSS will help alleviate this problem now it has been enabled for Battlefield.

We will be updating this review with our findings for DLSS shortly. During tests, the card became unstable the moment I tried to add any more than MHz.

Going up to MHz was out of the question. The card offers equivalent performance to the now discontinued GTX My only concern is quite how big a hit ray tracing has on Battlefield — the only title I could test it on at the time of review.

Score Unlike other sites, we thoroughly test each product we review.


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