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Shadow of the colossus secrets ending

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Does Shadow of the Colossus Have Multiple Endings?

The quest for Shadow of the Colossus' last big secret; shadow of the colossus secrets ending

February 14, at 8: Below you will find info on what happens, but also the story implications of what happens and theories on how these events might tie into other games. Watch the ending PS4 in its entirety in the video below.

Loading After killing Colossus 16, you return to the temple, but are transformed into a giant shadow beast. This is the manifestation of Dormin that has taken hold within the Wander's body.

You will be forced to fight off several humans for a minute, before they flee and a vacuumous hole opens up, trying to suck you inside. It's impossible to stop, however you can resist and if you fight back for at least a minute before getting sucked in, you unlock a trophy. Upon disappearing into the void, a long cutscene will play out as Agro and Mono appear and a few minutes later, the credits roll.

Due to the high speed your bike moves at, it is often only to see looking turns and every racers. Good luck Speedster, see you down at the dragon grid.

The Ending Explained[ edit ] So what does the ending really represent? When you first arrived at the temple, all Wander knows is his name, and that legend tells of his ability to bring back souls from the dead.

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What isn't told to you at first, is that Dormin is evil. He was killed and his essence was sealed inside the body of 16 Colossi many eons ago.

ending shadow the colossus secrets

This is why the lands are forbidden, because Dormin has no power, except that of speech. So long as Dormin had no one to talk to, he couldn't tempt people into helping him, and thus he remained sealed away for untold many years, until Wander arrived.


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A brief scene in the beginning paints a clear picture as to why this happened. The trigger was Mono's death, as part of a sacrifice.

This greatly upset Wander, and knowing of the legend of.

Shadow Of The Colossus Ending Dormin Battle


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