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This foe is located in the far north. Go around behind the main building and take one of the bridges across the pit.

How to Beat Colossus 15 in Shadow of the Colossus PS4, Defeat Argus, Where is Colossus 15?, USgamer

You'll want to head in the same direction as you went to get to Colossus Follow the base of the bridge through the desert and then cut to the east. When you see a monument carved out of the mountain, get off of your horse and enter it by foot. You'll have to do some platforming over fallen obstacles along your way.

Exiting the entrance tunnel will put you at the base of a long set of stairs.

How to Beat Colossus 15 in Shadow of the Colossus PS4, Defeat Argus - Where is Colossus 15?: shadow of the colossus 15 location

Run up them and go through the columns at the top. You'll be inside a large arena. Run to the end to find the Colossus. That sword he has will really hurt if it hits you.

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The attack you'll see most often is the stomp. It is easily dodged and even more important to completing this puzzle. Look around the edges.

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There is one place where the next level is only just out of jumping reach. Stand there and get the Colossus to stomp at you. If you dodge it, his stomp will dislodge the floor tile and turn it into a ramp.

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Scurry back and use the raised floor to jump up to the next level. At the next level, use your bow to get the Colossus real angry.

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He'll swing at you with his sword, but he'll end up smashing it into the columns around you. This will make part of the ceiling crumble. Use the fallen stones to hop up to the next level.

Look around for a staircase. Run up it and then back until you get to one of.


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