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Spider man reign marvel comics database

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Alternative versions of Spider-Man

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Abilities Spider-like superhuman strength, speed, agility, wall crawling, can fire organic webs from wrists. Within the context of the stories, Jessica Drew, the original Spider-Woman, had retired from super heroics, and gotten married.

She gives birth to a baby boy, Gerry, who was diagnosed with a strange blood-borne disorder due to radiation exposure in the womb.

With doctors and medicines unable to help her son, Jessica recreates the experiment that cured her of her radiation poisoning, the experiment that made her Spider-Woman. The experiment imbues Gerry with spider-like powers, but did not cure him.

Gerry's illness strains his parents' marriage and leads to their divorce. Feeling responsible for the break-up, Gerry becomes withdrawn. Jessica tries to alleviate his pain by telling him stories from her past, his favorites involving Spider-Man.

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Calling himself Spider-Man, he meets Spider-Girl, and the two initially clash. Upset that he was responsible for a death, Gerry runs into Darkdevilwho trains him to be a more effective crime fighter. At the request of Peter Parker, the original Spider-Man, Gerry decides to retire from super heroic adventuring while Reed Richards searches for a cure for his blood disease.

Spider man reign marvel comics database, alternative versions of spider-man

The character was later killed off by Jennix in the Spider-Verse storyline. Rise of the Imperfects[ edit ] In the Marvel Nemesis: The ThingWolverineElektraHuman Torchand Storm are also abducted and injected with a drug in an attempt to corrupt them.

Once infected Spider-Man's costume is brown-and-bronze with a blue spider mark in his chest. Spider-Man and the other heroes are eventually able to fight off the corrupting infection and defeat Van Roekel.

spider-man: reign vol 1


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