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Mario Party: Star Rush

CommentComment Mario Party has always been about players taking turns to roll dice and traveling across a game board, with a smattering of minigames to break up the monotony. Star Rush, the latest entry in the series, takes some big liberties with that core concept, ditching the turn-based approach of its predecessors in favor of simultaneous play.

The linear board-game levels are gone, and in their place are a variety of completely open maps that scatter rewards and objectives throughout. The result is an experience that delivers a markedly different experience and shakes up the formula, for both better and worse.

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Rather than focusing on one main mode with accompanying peripheral modes pushed off to the side, Star Rush presents each mode as equal, with the only distinction being how long it takes to unlock each mode. From the frantic Toad Scramble and Balloon Burst which have four characters moving simultaneously through an open, non-linear board to the beat-match mode Rhythm Recital, Mario Party: Star Rush presents myriad modes to play either solo or with friends.

My favorite mode is Balloon Burst, which comes closest to a traditional Mario Party experience. Though I prefer the linearity of past Mario Party games to the structure of Star Rush, I enjoyed the mad rush that occurred every time a new ally character popped up, as each one you collect rewards you with bonuses like modified dice and bonus abilities.

The Super Mario Party game for the Nintendo Switch™ system has super-charged fun for everyone! It's always your turn as you and up to three friends roll the dice, roam the board, and recruit fan-favorite allies. It's always your turn in Mario Party Star Rush, a non-stop party coming to the Nintendo 3DS. Check out this. Nov 4,, Metacritic Game Reviews, Mario Party: Star Rush for 3DS, Think fast and engage with a Super mario needs to be for me to forgive you 3ds! Things start to heat up as the gang fight to the finish. One move could win it all for any team!

I was pleasantly surprised by the strange Mario Shuffle, a 1v1 mode that gives both players three cardboard cutouts and two dice. The strategy of deciding which piece to apply.

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