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Mario tennis aces review

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Review: Mario Tennis Aces is like cocaine – fun, but leaves you wanting more mario tennis aces review

Nintendo Switch Available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch Given we live in a world where people want to have an opinion hurled at them as quickly as possible, know this about Mario Tennis Aces: Nintendo has done itself proud. This may not be surprising, though.

The best Wii U game ever is now on Steam. This is a gem of a 2D gash that s been remastered for Instance, running at 720p HD in handheld mode and at full 1080p HD on the big white.

The company has proven time and time again that when it does get it right it really gets it right and Aces captures that same magic. The sheer elevation mixed with utter despair is what keeps you coming back for more.

There is a basic levelling-up system designed to highlight that you are progressing, but ultimately the campaign is a collection of mini-challenges that help you get better at the game.

Bizarre boss battles against Petey the Piranha are mixed in with tutorials and missions, and all of it comes together thanks to an overworld map. The truth is all of this just fails to live up to the thrill of playing against another human being.

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To its credit, Nintendo has decided to rip off The Avengers to add some more flavour. If you need more, Luigi has also been kidnapped by said racket. Almost feeling like a fighting game such is its back and forth nature, Mario Tennis Aces exists to breathe life back into the genre and does so wonderfully.

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