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Monster hunter world review xbox

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5 Reasons Why 'Monster Hunter: World' May Not Be Right For You

Incredibly deep and rewarding gameplay Beautiful and varied worlds So much depth to its systems Each monster is a new challenge Story is actually engaging Multiplayer matches can be fiddly to set up Key Specifications Review Price: Contributions by Alastair Stevenson. Past Monster Hunter games were big in Asia, but failed to make a dent in the West for a variety of reasons. Monster Hunter World fixes nearly every one of these flaws and the game finally feels accessible in Monster Hunter World, though it is still a very difficult and fairly complex game.

Fans of Dark Souls, Nioh and other titles that challenge you at every opportunity will feel right at home here. Monster Hunter is a game about stats and planning: Monster Hunter World Guide And there are hundreds of things to learn, each with different stats attached that you can appreciate and compare.

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This may well sound intimidating, but World does a brilliant job of easing players into its systems. When I say beautiful, I mean beautiful.

When it launched Monster Hunter World quickly earned its place as one of the best looking console games available. What separates it from them are the more robust number of settings you can tweak and.

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