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Octopath traveler map locations

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All Shrine Locations in Octopath Traveler

About Contributors Octopath Traveler Subreddit PM me on Reddit! Send me an E-Mail! Map Notes Hover to see details, click for additional information on towns. Hi travelers, I've built an interactive, and ad-free map for Octopath Traveler! It'd be nice to have a map with not only the locations, but their All shrine locations. Jul 27,, In this Octopath Traveler map guide, we'll be giving you a complete You'll see that each named location in the game, whether it be a town or.

Shrine click the Warbringer Complete Shrine Locations Map Octopath Traveler players who just want a general overview of where to find each shrine can find the information for with the map below, where we've indicated the location of each of the game's shrines alongside their names and the sub job classes they correspond to.

Complete map of all shrine locations in Octopath Traveler.

For more detailed directions to each of the shrines and more information about the job classes they unlock, check out the shrine location listings below. More specific instructions on how to find the shrine, including video walkthroughs, can be found by clicking through the shrine's title in each shrine location listing. Finally, to learn more about where to unlock the advanced shrines, jump to our section detailing advanced job shrine locations below.

From the save point and signpost at this junction, walk due east, beyond the rocky outcropping blocking view of the path, to discover a cave that serves as the entrance to the shrine. Return to Octopath Traveler complete shrine list. From the save point and sign post, head due south, aiming slighty east to come around the rise of the hill.

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Circle back west to spot a torch sitting outside the cave entrance. Start walking north toward the soldier, then follow the path west and north again until reaching the final red flag blowing in the wind.

At the flag, continue west down the path obstructed from view by the rocky outcropping, then follow the path into the cave opening. The shrine itself is easy to find: When the dirt trail turns south, continue walking east into the grass, past the rocky outcropping blocking the path from view, to find the shrine entrance on the north side of the cliff.

Follow the sand due west and follow the shore through a stone archway, then continue as the beach wraps.


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