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Aug 24,, This walkthrough and strategy guide for Octopath Traveler contains walkthroughs for each of the main characters' story chapters, maps, boss. Aug 15,, For the sake of a cohesive Walkthrough, each chapter of each character's story has been broken down into story sections, map guides, and. Jul 14,, Octopath Traveler at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and Welcome to IGN's Walkthrough of Chapter 1 of Primrose's Story. Jul 27,, Octopath Traveler at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and Welcome to IGN's Walkthrough of Chapter 1 of Olberic's Story.

The Bravely Default series showed off Square's penchant for sticking to the classic style, but Octopath Traveler goes a step further by fully embracing old-school pixel art and depending on old-fashioned storytelling and solid RPG mechanics to carry it through.

For this edition of Final Score, Shacknews is revisiting our review of Octopath Traveler, while also putting it up against reviews from our gaming brethren from other outlets.

Pared-down retro releases and fluffed-up remakes come and go, yet none of them seem to get things exactly right. Small stumbles with dialog and framerate can be forgiven simply because the rest of the game is an absolute delight. This is an experience that players can easily get lost in for dozens of hours, and it's sure to be counted among the best Nintendo Switch exclusives released to date.

Octopath traveler walkthrough ign - walkthrough – octopath traveler wiki guide

Character are 2D, but they move and explore in a 3D world painted with bit textures, with the exception of realistic sand, snow, and water. That lends it a delightful old-school charm while giving it a modern flavor Both its battle system and aesthetic pay loving tribute to the Super NES era while moving the formula forward in exciting and novel ways.

That stands out, but this game is also truly one of the most intriguing evolutions of the 'golden age' RPG formula out of Japan, managing to both build on and pay homage to the classics.

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Octopath Traveler is an excellent game, but the elasticity of its structure proves to be the one unassailable hurdle between it and becoming a classic in its own right. It's fun to play, the characters are mostly compelling, and it looks incredible. Yet, there's a harrowing feeling of emptiness at points, especially during some of the game's blander dungeon crawls.


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For the vast majority of the adventure I cared about my party's motivations and the world around them, but every so often I'd get that sinking feeling that I had been there before, both pragmatically and spiritually within the confines of Octopath's own universe. Brand new JRPG players who can get over a few of the more archaic notions might find it more refreshing.

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It's easy to compare it to something like Final Fantasy Tactics, but the more you play Octopath the more you'll see that it's.


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