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Shadow of the colossus music battle

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Shadow of the colossus music battle: shadow of the colossus [2005] - roar of the earth ost faq

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Alright! So the Boss soundtrack does not feel incomplete i will add this video along with my other SoTC Boss.

Q is to gather every piece of information about the soundtrack of Shadow of the Colossus and compile it into a single complete guide. This is being done to answer several questions that new or experienced players might have when playing the game and enjoying the background music. We suggest that before reading this F.

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Q you complete the game and enjoy the amazing ending that would, otherwise, be spoiled. One last thing, the PAL version was used as reference to this guide. Thanks for reading and enjoy. Q Compiled and Submitted to GameFaqs.

I really like song's final minute, where the choir really kicks in, as well as the violin buildup around the 2 minute mark. There's no other track on the CD that complements the intro movie in such a motivational way.

Do Not Forget

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