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Shadow of the colossus wiki guide

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Head north out of the temple once again. This time, after you cross the bridge, bear to the left. You'll see an outcropping of mountains ahead of you.

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A small path exists in mountains allowing you access to the inner region. You'll come to a lake, so get off your horse and start swimming.

Your goal is the ramp that comes up out of the water. Walk up the ramp and leap across the pillar ahead.

Shadow of the Colossus - Complete Boss Guide (Normal/Hard/Time Attack)

Make sure you don't jump until you have reached the end of the ramp, otherwise you'll fall and have to start over from the bottom. Shimmy your way around to the other side of the block and leap across to the next walkway.

Continue up to the area above and you'll find your target. Also, if you get too close, it will try to stomp your brains out.

Shadow of the colossus wiki guide: shadow of the colossus

If you see a wind up coming, start running away so that you don't get yourself killed. Initially, you can't get up on the giant.

There is a circular, stone pad in the middle of the platform you are on. You goal is to make the giant swing his sword at you and hit that stone circle.

Doing so will cause some of his armor to break.


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