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Shadow of the colossus boss list

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CommentComment Few games from the past 20 years have earned as much universal praise as Shadow Of The Colossus, earning its place in the pantheon of gaming's best.

The recent remaster serves as a reminder of why that is: To celebrate the rerelease of one of our collective favorites, we ranked all of the colossi of the game from worst to best. Which Colossi rises to the top? Read on to find out, wanderer.

The 4th Colossus Phaedra In a game packed to the brim with impressive, and sometimes awe-inspiring boss battles, the 4th colossus is the only one that comes close to being a stinker. It's a shame, given the impressive introduction as you ride up to see this massive stone horse come to life Short, gimmicky, and anti-climatic, Phaedra feels like a missed opportunity more than anything else.

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The 11th Colossus Celosia Celosia ultimately amounts to little more than a novelty: And while his size might make him interesting at first, the fight is rather dull and tedious, with you tricking him into falling off a temple and then jumping on his back to stab him. It's also pretty annoying to find the right location on his back so he doesn't shake you while you try to stab him. The 2nd Colossus Quadratus There's nothing wrong with Quadratus except he's kind of boring: The 15th Colossus Argus Argus is easily one of the biggest colossi you fight, with you squaring off against him in an ancient, broken arena.

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Unfortunately by this point, the variety of colossi you've fought in the air, in the water, beneath the sands of a desert make this fight seem stale. That stone meat cleaver is pretty rad though. The 12th Colossus Pelgia Pelgia is a fun, gimmicky fight that has you navigating an island-like Colossus by hitting its teeth ewww into arenas, and then tricking it to try and lean in to hit you with better accuracy from its laser horns don't ask so you can jump onto its belly and stab it over and over again.

It's a cool concept that mostly works out, though the battle goes on for a bit too long and swimming to get behind Pelgia so you can board.

Ranking the Shadow of the Colossus Bosses from Worst to Best


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