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Shadow of the colossus secret door

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Secret sword discovered in ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ remake

Share Copy One of the new features that have been implemented in the remake of Shadow of the Colossus is the Hidden Coins.

Shadow of the Colossus Hidden Coins Locations Guide: shadow of the colossus secret door

These Shadow of the Colossus Hidden Coins are scattered throughout the world and you can collect them on your journey. In this Shadow of the Colossus Hidden Coins Guide, we have detailed the locations of all such Hidden Coins that you can collect around the world of Shadow of the Colossus. These Hidden Coins currently serve no purpose and we have no idea what they are used for.

Other than a single number shown at the bottom of the map, there is not much significance of these Hidden Coins.

Use these cues for pointing out the exact locations once you have reached their known location. Below you will find the locations of all currently known Hidden Coins. Hidden Coin 1 There is a Hidden Coin located at the entrance of the Forbidden Lands but you cannot access it until you have enough stamina to climb the main shrine.

The Hidden Coin is located at the top of the main shrine.

This mode is more like the Challenge of the Gods mode in God of War 1. Sledge the number of challenges has been proven to seven. God of War 2 Toggle Urns Locations thx to soynegroyque13. God of War 2 Unlicensed Chest Locations Titan Mode only.

Come back for this Hidden Coin once you have defeated enough Colossi and collected some lizards for increased stamina. Enter the first watery arena and cross the long path leading to the broken section.

From there, double back jump the gap up ahead. Now that you are down the main path, go to the area where the bridge started to find the Hidden Coin among some rubble. Hidden Coins 3, 4, and 5 These three Hidden Coins are located in the area where the Colossus 11 is present.

Mystery of Shadow of the Colossus' Secret Coins Revealed, IGN

For the first one, use the winding path and get to the dried lakebed. The Hidden Coin is located there. Head south in the dried lakebed near the small pool to collect the Hidden Coin.

For the second Hidden Coin, use the ramp to get out of the lakebed and double back along the North Cliff. At the end, you will see a giant rock; the Hidden Coin is located behind it.

Useful Advice

Lots of life for the bad stickmen, unlimited shots when shooting. Lots of lives, all customers unlocked 1-3 to change destination 84. Unlimited money, lots of stats poins, criminal ammo, no reload 85.

Now come back to the ramp and go left. Look for the crumbled door and you will find the Hidden Coin to the left of it.

Hidden Coins 5, 6, and 7 In the area where the Colossus 15 is present, you will find three more Hidden Coins. In the area, reach the entrance of the.


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