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This week on PSN: 'Ape Escape'

This week on PSN: 'Ape Escape'; shadow of the colossus 11 kolos

Once again, you'll be going north to find a Colossus. Ride around to the back side of the temple and cross the bridge.


I like your walkthoughs, best video made and superb gameplay. What chance was this on because when I faltered it the troll didn t show up until AFTER we saw the deer. Malachi301 this was at e3 2016 it was a demo so there s a lot of men that happened. Feels like dark souls games mixed in or is it just me.

Take the high road at the bridge's end and then start to run across the fields ahead. Follow the raised bridge north across the desert.

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Eventually, your sword's reflection will say that the Colossus is below you. There's a giant dry lakebed below you, with a narrow winding slope down on the East side, and a pit on the West side you can fall and take damage from.

At the bottom, climb your way up into a large room.

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Leap across the small drop off and then get ready to take cover. The main attack you'll have to avoid is a charge.

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Be ready to roll out of the way. If it hits you, it will knock you unconscious. Even worse, the Colossus will charge and hit you again as you are getting up.

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If you get hit, your best hope for survival is to fall off of the ledge or get tucked into one of the corners where you can't be attacked again. Speaking of the corners, look for a little nook that you can walk into between the wall and the little pedestals with torches.

You can climb up these pedestals and look.

Boss Fight Database. Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Celosia Boss Fight #11 on hard mode PS4 Pro Missing: kolos ‎| ‎Must include: ‎kolos. Shadow of the Colossus Hard Time Attack Walkthrough of Colossus # Celosia Boss FIght. HARD TIME Missing: kolos ‎| ‎Must include: ‎kolos. Film przedstawiający walkę z pierwszym kolosem w grze Shadow of The Colossus Remake. Materiał.


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