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Spyro reignited trilogy walkthrough dry canyon

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Follow the left-hand cliff to find the Portal. Unlike the Soldiers of Dark HollowMusketeers fire projectiles if you wait too long, so either jump over the shots or Charge them before they can fire. There you can take out him and his buddy for a Green Gem each, then take out the various Chests on the left side for five Green Gems and a Blue.

You also no doubt saw the Egg Thief as he ran away. Return to the spot where I told you to stop and grab the three Green Topper Chests. Take out the Musketeer nearby, then rescue the Dragon Conan.

Checkpoint 2 [ edit ] Ahead there will be two paths; one over a purple river and another up some steps. Ahead will be perches with Vultures. Make sure to collect the two Green Gems and five Red Gems nearby before heading up the stairs.

Take out the Musketeer at the top, then hop up to the left to free the Dragon Boris. Glide to it, pick up the Red Gem in the hall, then take out the Musketeer in the room for a Blue Gem. Destroy the Blue Topper Chest, then grab the three Red Gems.

Play at Home Run Flying and watch out three others and you are out. Beginners play to Make League in practice mode to get more like.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy - Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough Part 8 - Dry Canyon


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