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Cheat Codes for New Super Mario Bros

First, head to the house directly after the first castle on World 5. Once there, go up six flights of stairs. Next to the seventh flight of stairs, there will be three bricks. Jump on top of them and jump straight up to hit an invisible block. Then, get on top of that block, jump straight up again, and hit another block.

This one will unleash a vine that you can climb up. Once atop the vine, there will be a door. Go through the door and get on the nearby colorful platform.

Cheat Codes for New Super Mario Bros: super mario bros nintendo ds komplettlosung

The platform will bring you to another door. Go through that door and find the red flag with a skull on it as opposed to a black flag. Jump on the flag so it comes down, thereby completing the stage.

Then, go to the cannon it shows and you will be brought to World 8. There, head to the first pipe spawning Bobombs.

new super mario bros cheats

Clear a way to the lower indestructible floor, but leave the left and right edges in tact. Grab a Koopa Shell and toss it into the pitt, and then position yourself far away enough from the pipe so the Bobombs continue to respawn.

Interact with the dead to get messy hints and clues in this fantastic Adventure game. Now she must work with lost souls to note the dark and mysterious world that seems to have a mind and a will of its own in this upcoming Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

If done correctly, the Koopa shell will bounce left and right endlessly, racking you up 99 lives in no time. Infinite 1-Ups World [ edit ] This is easiet when you are blue shell Mario. In Worldgo past the three.

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New Super Mario Bros TOP 7 SECRETS (DS)


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