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15 Best Boss Fights In The God of War Series
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It also includes tactics for some of the harder "regular" fights in the game. If you are playing on an easier setting, it is possible that some of the information here simply won't apply to you.

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I also love some games for how impressive the action can be, even if the story is looking, this applies to shooters more often than half games. Will you do a video about red adventure and or tournaments you are looking really to in 2018.

But to make things easier, next to each section in the contents there is an abbreviation Example: They're easy to kill, even on Titan Mode, but they also serve another purpose - temporary invincibility.

If you didn't already know, Kratos cannot be hurt when he is in the midst of a grapple attack animation.

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So one strategy for avoiding the Colossus's fists is to grab a soldier right as the blow comes. Otherwise, the fight here is simple.

If you try to use it, the Colossus will just catch the boulder and crush it. If you're silly enough to try and catapult yourself at him after that, then he'll catch you too and slam you on the ground.

Avoid his attacks by rolling or grabbing soldiers, then either use Rage of Poseidon or light combos to damage his hands after they hit. Once you've done enough damage, the Colossus will roar in pain and be stunned. Use the catapult again to initiate a button-pressing sequence, where Kratos stabs one of the Colossus's eyes, and the battle is over.

Move to the left immediately and time your jump so that you're in the air as he strikes the platform. Jump down to the level below and get ready to follow a specific pattern.

All boss god of war 2 - god of war ii - boss guide

If you do this correctly, you can beat him without even getting hit. This is especially important for Titan Mode, since he can kill you with hits at full health. The Colossus will put his right.


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