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What is the best armour in God of War?

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You will have to locate the best gears in-order to fight with various enemies and when you plan to play the 9 Valkyries Mission. Good armors contribute more health and power and upgrading them to max further adds more to the overall strength.

What is the best armor to use in God of War and how do you get it?, Metro News

Some armors also offer special abilities like health regeneration, which can help you more while competing against tough bosses. In this guide, you will get essential tips on how to unlock the best armor and what are their best features. Hail to the King is one favor you can get by talking to Brok as his shop.

After playing this you will get the essential items to build up the armor. Hail to the King Walkthrough: You have to visit Konunsgard stronghold where you will meet Sindri just as you start.

You will have to find three keys to open the door. Hail to the King First Key Location: First one is near the dead knight just outside the closed door.

Hail to the King Second Key Location: For the second key, go left and free the torch of poison. Follow the path on right and you will spot a cave blocked by tree sap. Cross the cave and fight an ogre ahead, go left and you will reach a goat statue.

The game also enables a rank-system, which offers players access to new training for their tank and shoulders with other high-ranked players and a clan-system, used to use Clan vs. Tanki Online Wanes, Walkthrough, Cheat Codes, Trainer, Review for PC com-k2. If you liked this post and you would like to get much more areas concerning kindly visit our web page.

There will be stone structures on your right with Wind of Hel energy. Leave it and go right, cross the ledge and fight some wolves ahead. After killing them on right near the rocks for a crystal. Hit it with the axe, it will fall down and flow with the river.

God of War: How to get the best weapons and armor - best best armour god of war

After it stops jump down and takes it. Carry it straight to the end, there is a locked door, cross it and place the crystal on the glowing platform.

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This will activate a bridge on top. Turn around, take right from the goat statue and pull the wind energy.

Apr 25,, There's no doubt that God of War is one of the best games of, but it's also a hell of a challenge for even experienced players becau. We've found out how to get the best armour in God of War, and we've put together a guide on how you can. Apr 24,, If you want to make it through to the end of God of War then you will need There's not actually one single armour set that is definitely the best.

Cross the bridge place it on the ball before time runs out, pull it again, turn around and run straight, use the energy to unlock the door. Cross the door and climb up from the left you will get the second key.

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