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These can be changed via the in-game options menu. A yellow circle appearing around an enemy attack indicates one which can be blocked, but a red circle indicates an attack which must be evaded. Quickly double-tap the S button with the left stick held in a direction to roll away from an unblockable attack.

Simply tap the F button and Atreus will fire a shot from his Talon Bow. Simply tap the C directional button to switch between arrow types. From the pause menu, navigate to the Codex tab and then select Bestiary.

Including the Green Bay Anglerfish, the Minnesota Vikings, the Main Steelers and more. Picture 1 18 Factions of Steel Convoy CD or Just 138 Mb. Heed the call of the open road, throw the gears in other, and take off in a deep trailer.

Here, Atreus logs all of the enemies encountered along the journey, and adds notes on enemy-specific strategies with repeated encounters. Enemy Levels Blocking, dodging and parrying like a god?

God of war ps2 manual; god of war - ps2 game complete

Clued-up on the best strategies from the bestiary and still getting destroyed? You might just be under-levelled for the fight.

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Explore the world further, upgrade your gear and come back later to stand a fighting chance. Be sure to pick the right gear and enhance the right stats for the situation. A higher strength stat results in increased damage for all standard, non-Runic attacks.

Runic As above, but reversed. A Higher Runic stat equals stronger Runic attacks and elemental damage, but does not increase the damage of normal attacks.

Defence Reduces damage received from all attack types. Perks are additional abilities which trigger automatically based on certain conditions, and can be added to armour and weapons with enchantments.

God of War, PS2 Game Complete – GG Retro Gaming

An increased luck stat also improves the amount of XP gained essential for buying new abilitiesas well as the volume of Hacksilver the in-game currency found throughout the world. Cooldown A higher cooldown reduces the wait time needed to activate Runic attacks, summons and talisman abilities.

These special abilities are unlocked gradually as Kratos and Atreus progress though their journey. Witness their transformation from sketch.

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