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God of War guide: everything you need to know to conquer Midgard

Lookout Tower, near the beach.

New God of War smartphone app spoils full map, in-game lore, Stevivor

Treasure digging spot: Veithurgard - near the gate. The Boat Captain s Key Map location: Stone Falls, near the beach.

Isle of Death - the treasure is located beneath the ship's wreckage. Fafnir's Storeroom, in the temple.

Mountain - the treasure can be found under the giant stone face. The River Pass - the Witch's cavern, near the hidden chamber. The River Pass - near the Witch's cabin, next to a turtle.

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Alfheim Tower - the map can be found on the beach, right next to the tower's entrance. Watch out for the troll that roams the island.

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Light Elf Outpost - the treasure can be found on the map. Keep going higher and higher. Mountain - the map can be found during "Return to the Summit". It is located in the tunnel, near the entrance that leads to the summit and Sindri's shop.

Council of Valkyries - the treasure can be found near one of the Valkyries' thrones.

God of war complete map: new god of war smartphone app spoils full map, in-game lore

Landsuther Mines - the map can be found in the small cave. Lookout Tower - the treasure can be found next to the Jotuns altar.

The Historian Map location: Ruins of the Ancient - the map can be found on the island, near the stone gate. Fafnira's Storeroom - the treasure is buried beneath the figure depicting a goat near the entrance to the temple. Finder s Fee Map location: Forgotten Caverns - the map is inside the cavern, near the small chest.

God of War Best Armor God of War 4 Best armor from fire realm Muspelheim God of War 4 best gear God of War 4 armor Like the video. God Of War s Key Stuff Is Extremely Worth Doing. God of War has a lot of stuff in it, and some of that stuff isn t usually necessary if you just want to see the story. This post will talk about the click major influential challenges in the game, but it won t spoil anything different to the story.

Northri Stronghold - the treasure is in.


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