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God of war 3 weapons guide

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God of War 3: Weapons and Magic Guide

Weapons and Magic Guide From the Blades of Athena to the mighty Nemesis Whip, we cover everything you can use to rip an enemy to shreds. Published July 20,11 a.

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God of War 3 Remastered is a great reminder of what can be accomplished with the right development team handling magnificent material. The game has been wonderfully recreated for the PlayStation 4, complete here a slew of new Trophies to earn, beautiful p 60 FPS visuals and, of course, the exciting gameplay we've come to expect from Kratos' adventures.

Here's a general guide that covers Kratos' tools of the trade.

god of war 3: weapons and magic guide

Weapons First up, there's the Blades of Athena. These are the https://gameclub7pro.info/15blog/call-of-duty-black-865.php swords that Kratos starts out with over the course of his adventure, given to him by Athena. If you've played previous God of War games, you know how these work, as you can chain together weak and strong hits into powerful combos.

God of War 3: Weapons and Magic Guide, Tips, Prima Games

You can also grab enemies and rip them to shreds with a well-timed stab, provided you aren't immediately surrounded by them. These soon become upgraded by the Blades of Exile, which you'll receive from Athena's specter in the Underworld.

They provide most of the same combos as the previous Blades, but with enhanced new abilities through upgrades that she provides, including more powerful strikes. This glowing sword is often used whenever Kratos activates his Rage mode left and.


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