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God of War - The Magic Chisel, The Mason's Channel and Northern Dock

The boss fight Follow Mimirs instructions to the chisel Use the elevator to go down. Head towards the marker - you reach a gate.

God of War Walkthrough - The Magic Chisel (Part 23)

Dock on the nearby beach and open the gate. Boat to the shore - a new enemy awaits, called Wulver.

Enemies will respawn every 5 minutes or so and so will you. Your aim is to get as many kills as overbearing. Use this game mode to get driver at shooting and using the hardware.

These foes are strong, resistant they aren't harmed by arrows and they use powerful attacks. Be careful while you are facing them.

God of War The Magic Chisel Guide, Puzzle Guide to Get Chisel, USgamer

Try to fight with one at a time. Shoot at the red crystal on the yard and move the ring to the right - open another red chest and then move the ring to the left. This reveals a new passage. Inside, you can find a room that is identical to the hidden chambers you can unlock them later.

Go up and open the red chest. Retrieve a piece of the chisel More Wulvers await - defeat them and explore the area.

God of war walkthrough ps4 the magic chisel, god of war the magic chisel guide - puzzle guide to get chisel

You can find a lot of items and, e. Another red chest is hidden behind the grates - find three runes. The solution can be found in the video above.

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Go towards the giant's head. Defeat more enemies - an Ogre is among them.

This is a more challenging fight - remember that you can use rage. Talk to Sindri Go up the chain and meet with Sindri. The dwarf will upgrade Leviathan.

God of War - The Magic Chisel, The Mason's Channel and Northern Dock

He also gives you a favour that can be completed in your free time. Find a way to the hammer Aim at the red crystals on the giant's pigtails to destroy the stones. Jump to the other side and run forward. You reach a door - open it and face a Traveller a new and powerful enemy.

He is armored and rather strong - one swing of his sword can take you a lot of health. Also, this enemy has a shield on his back which blocks attacks.

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Use counters and attack the enemy when you get a chance. Move the stone block to the middle of the room, rotate the wooden sign and climb on it.

Magic the ps4 walkthrough god chisel war

Open the chest and then jump down. Get on the balcony, the one you have revealed by moving the stone block. Follow it and jump to the other side - climb right and you will reach a huge red stone hanging on a.

God of War Gameplay Walkthrough Part 18 - THE MAGIC CHISEL (PS4 2018)


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