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God of war 3 gameplay video free download

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A game loosely based on Greek mythology, Kratos enters the world of ancient Greece with an explosive flare for violence, death and mayhem. Vengeance holds us under the central motif of the game, and because this title earned its praise through violence and gore, we see much of the same in the astounding wallpaper choices.

Kratos has stepped on the path to wage war against the king of all the Greek gods: You feel challenged throughout the series, and the game has earned its reputation for tough and immersive gameplay with masterpiece storytelling.

In God of War 3, the legacy treads once more on this familiar path of palm sweating action as you wage your wage in a great battle against the gods and the titans.

Like usual, you face your task with the thunderous Blades of Exile. You should prepare your mind for some of the most mentally taxing puzzles, hostile territory throughout and an epic battle against some of the worthiest opponents in ancient Greek mythology.

Gameplay Takes You Deep God of War 3 shows Kratos with his traditional weapons, but you can also choose from a variety of other options. Each of these weapons will have their own advantages and disadvantages.


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