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View History Head through the tunnel ahead to enter the meet of the Cliffs of Madness. These cliff paths are somewhat non-linear, with tunnels and ladders that branch off to different areas of the cliffs. We'll go over the most straight-forward route through the cliffs while pointing out the few secrets scattered about.

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Stay mobile to avoid the archers' arrows while tearing up the legionnaires. When the legionnaires are dead, use Zeus' Fury to take out the archers from far away, and turn right to continue along the cliffside.

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You'll have to jump across a couple of ledges to reach a landing with a rope you can climb across. Climb the rope to reach the cliff edge where the archers were clean up any stragglers and you'll find a small elevator platform.

Get on the platform and turn the crank to reach the next level of the cliffs. It's at this point that you'll reach the first branch in the path. Right at the top of the elevator is a ladder that leads upwards, but for now you'll want to take a different path.

Jump over the pair of rocks to the right to continue around the cliffside. Enter the tunnel just ahead to reach a large open area that'll soon be swarming with enemies, including a bunch of legionnaires and the occasional satyr.

Necklace of Aphrodite; god of war 1 aphrodite necklace

It's a good idea to focus on kill the legionnaires first, so put some distance between you and the satyr to make sure he doesn't get in any cheap hits. The enemies will respawn here a lot, but don't lose hope.

There's a health chest on the upper levels of the room that you can make use of. When all enemies are dead, the magic barrier to the right will release, letting you into the tunnel beyond.


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This tunnel leads to yet another elevator platform, so ride it up to the next level. Right at the top of the elevator is a cave opening that leads into a room with tons of holes on the ground. Before doing anything else, it's a good idea to run around the.


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