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God of War walkthrough, guide and tips for the PS4 Norse mythology adventure

When the Fury appears, start avoiding her blows by leaning left and right. After releasing one of your hands, make few attacks still avoiding hers.

Do Not Forget

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When Kratos gets out of chains and lands on the ground, the pursue of Fury begins. But you don't have to hurry. Sped few moments to get acknowledged with attacks and basic combos.

Moving forward jump over obstacles and turn right. Following Fury, you'll run through a small corridor and jump onto a wall to get where she stands.

Here you can fight few beetles. Use quick attacks and combos, try avoid getting surrounded. After that run right and jump a level lower.

Apr 20,, This PS4 release isn't like other titles in the God of War franchise, with an Chapter 1: The Marked Trees; Chapter 2: Path to the Mountain. Apr 20,, PS4 owners have a lot to celebrate today, with God of War finally available. Chapter 1 – The Marked Trees; Chapter 2 – Path to the Mountain. Apr 27,, In this God of War PS4 guide, through exploration around Midgard you'll Chapter 1: The Marked Trees; Chapter 2: Path to the Mountain.

Running through a bridge, jump over bigger breaches with insects using double jump. But if you're bloodthirsty and want some more red orbs, you can jump down and fight them. Following Fury, you'll get to the tunnel. Instead of going left, move right to a small alley where you find a chest with red orbs and a Letter from the Scribe of Hecatonchires.

Running the tunnel after Fury you'll see a short cut scene and will fight against prisoners controlled by parasites.

God of war ps4 chapter 1: how many chapters are there in god of war?

In a short tutorial you'll learn that you can grab and throw enemies of this size. Low HP enemies will be stunned for a while a red arc over their heads ; now you can finish them with normal attack or do it in a spectacular way using Grab button. When enemies with swords appear, you'll be informed that you can "kick out" their weapons.

This not only weaken them, but let you use their blades. After fight move to a white light on the ground and.


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