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Single Player[ edit ] The single player campaign follows the same formula which the last few games have. The game is linear and drives players from battle to battle and setpiece to setpiece. Players use combos and dodges to battle Greek mythology-themed enemies and bosses.

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As the campaign goes on, Kratos will gain access to new weapons and magic abilities. They are primarily used for opening chests and doors, and for killing boss enemies.

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Multiplayer[ edit ] For the first time in series history, Ascension will bring competitive multiplayer modes into the God of War fold. These modes feature a light story in which the gods of Olympus are doing battle with one another. Players will choose a god to fight for from the pool of ZeusPoseidonAres or Hades.

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Each god will imbue upon their followers unique abilities and perks, so the player's choice of faction will influence their playstyle long into the game. As players battle, they will earn experience points for getting kills and completing objectives.

These points will level players up, allowing them to unlock new magic abilities, Armorsweapons, Relicsand treasures. The game's premiere mode is Team Favor of the Gods.

Kratos' Equipment was equipment used by Kratos in the God of War Series. See: Armor Sets. Boots of Hermes, God of War Wiki, FANDOM powered by Wikia entrega en consolas de sombremesa da saga de videoxogos God of War.

Additional modes include Favor of the Gods and Capture the Flagas well as a fourth mode which has yet to be announced. Team Favor of the Gods[ edit ] This mode splits players into two.


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