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‘God of War’ Luck Stat: What It Does Plus Best Armor and Enchantments to Increase It

It was getting harder to get close-enough increments the higher I got my def based on my Enchantment supply. I also got frustrated with the exercise knowing I needed to test other things.

‘god of war’ luck stat: what it does plus best armor and enchantments to increase it

Very Important Reminder About Defense: This data is based on a level 5 caster enemy typical of what you'd encounter in Muspelheim Trials. The armor efficiency is only good to see how it compared against this trash mob.

God of War Stats Guide; god of war stats cap

We absolutely know that some monsters have a base damage over I had at least 6 apples so minimum life and still got one-shot by monsters from a Realm Tear. Therefore do not let this relatively weak ranged enemy's stats dictate how much Defense you give your Kratos.

You will clearly get great damage reduction from higher numbers, though it's worth realizing that at some point you should put more into offense to shorten fights. You might also go from being able to take 14 hits to 15 hits which is unimportant vs more damage.

It is still very interesting to see that there's a minimum required defense before you get any damage reduction from your defense. All mid to late game armor has defense by default.

‘God of War’ Luck Stat: What It Does Plus Best Armor and Enchantments to Increase It

Stacking a bit more via Enchantments may be a good idea depending how good you are at evading and parrying. Outshined by Defense - particularly for stronger monsters' attacks.

Reduces Stagger Animations - When Kratos is hit hard, having higher vitality may make him stagger less. May be more important on Give Me God of War - though, I'd say most players would prefer.


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