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Watch ‘God of War’ Dev Get Emotional Reading Reviews

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The fighting is like magic. I mean, it's seriously fluid. I really dig the different fighting styles, andThis game is so damn good, man.

God of war 2018 review metacritic - the best god of war games, ranked according to metacritic

I really dig the different fighting styles, and the different tracks playing behind the fighting styles. The cutscenes boast powerful vocal performances and always grip your attention. They give you a pair of two great main characters.

Kiryu and Majima are so unique.

Majima is a showman, stealing every cutscene he's in. He has this cool air about him, he is confident and clever in and out of battle. Just off these elements alone, you've got a fantastic video game There are so many encounters, so many events in Yakuza 0 that you can just stumble upon, and they're each funny, in the most wonderful Japanese way possible.

It is your favorite comedy anime, fully playable.

The dialogue is so well-written. It is absolutely corny at times, but it is always self-aware.

It is such a sweet mix. You do and it's as ridiculous as you want it to be.

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My ONLY gripe, and it is kind of a big one, is the map. It is a little snug in Kamurocho. It really feels limited and, while there's always something to do, you can't help but feel like there's not enough room to do it in. Listen; Yakuza 0 is a masterpiece.


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