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God of war 4 walkthrough return to the summit

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God of War - Return to the Summit

Loading Video Guide Part 33 Now that you have both the chisel AND the rune needed to initiate travel to Jotunheimthe only step remaining is to make it back to the summit.

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You should also take the time to upgrade or buy any new gear you need to - Brok should have a lot more stuff for you to look at now, including new armor for both Kratos and Atreus.

By this point Atreus should have his quiver fully upgraded and his Talon Bow at level 5 - if you have the Hacksilver to spare.

Any leftover experience can also fuel upgrades for your Runic Attacks and Summons. Head past it and through the Scorn Poles to find one you can now disable by destroying the Hel Bramble, and open the now revealed Coffin to find the Sigil of the Weapon - a Legendary Enchantment!

Legendary Chest Location: To the right of the path leading up is a stone tomb that has been sealed. If you look up to the left you can spot some of Hel Bramble blocking a receptacle, but it has no wind.

Head back down to the path to the area with some coffins to find the Winds of Hel trapped behind some Hel Bramble and cut it away, then carry it to the stone tomb to unlock it, letting you open a Legendary Chest. Back on the path to the mountainclimb up the ledge to where you fought your first Ogre, only to have Realm Tears open on all sides as Broods spill out to rush you. They might not be infused with frost like in Helheimbut they are still susceptible to the Blades of Chaos, and the rapid spinning attacks can help ward them off on all sides of you - just be wary of their leaping attacks and have Atreus use a Runic Summon to keep them off-balance and off your back.

After defeating the horde of Broods, head through the door to the path to the mountain entrance, and be sure to look right as you enter to finally clear.

GOD OF WAR 4 - Part 20 "RETURN TO THE SUMMIT" (Gameplay/Walkthrough)


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