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No God of War DLC Planned, But More Anniversary Content to Come

Climb up to the top of this next area and repeat the process. You re going to need to do this four times in a row, each time a pretty pillar will either line up with another complete you need to climb up or to a wonderful platform you need to walk across. Doing this will lead you to a big tower-like judgment, climb to the top of it, then move around to the back side of it. From here you can jump to the final version, get on the top of it and wait for the current to knock it over.

On top of this they give out Stars at the end to the biggest losers of the game. It s like some far left Liberal SJW made this game, everyone gets a Trophy even when they SUCK. Mario Party 5 Last one i played was NOT this Pussy-ish.

god of war has no plans for a dlc expansion at the moment, director says

Maybe that means we ll get more than one in the switch. Just in case you don t know and you see this this game does not work with the pro controller.

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