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Hans Sigismund von Lestwitz

In one, Midas was king [3] of Pessinusa city of Phrygiawho as a child was adopted by the king Gordias and Cybelethe goddess whose consort he was, and who by some accounts was the goddess-mother of Midas himself.

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Herodotus [7] remarks on the settlement of the ancient kings of Macedon on the slopes of Mount Bermion "the place called the garden of Midas son of Gordias, where roses grow of themselves, each bearing sixty blossoms and of surpassing fragrance".

In this garden, according to Macedonians, Silenos was taken captive.

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Arrian gives an alternative story of the descent and life of Midas. According to him, Midas was the son of Gordios, a poor peasant, and a Telmissian maiden of the prophetic race.

When Midas grew up to be a handsome and valiant man, the Phrygians were harassed by civil discord, and consulting the oracle, they were told that a wagon would bring them a king, who would put an end to their discord.

While they were still deliberating, Midas arrived with his father and mother, and stopped near the assembly, wagon and all. They, comparing the oracular response with this occurrence, decided that this was the person whom the god told them the wagon would bring.

In addition to this the following saying was current concerning the wagon, that whosoever could loosen the cord of the yoke of this wagon, was destined to gain the rule of Asia.

This someone was to be Alexander the Great. They discovered a royal burial, its timbers recently dated as cut to about BC [11] complete with remains of the funeral feast and "the best collection of Iron Age drinking vessels ever uncovered".

On the remains of a wooden coffin in the northwest corner of the tomb lay a skeleton of a man 1. As this funerary monument was erected before the traditional date given for the death of King Midas in the early 7th century BC, it is now generally thought to have covered the burial of his father Gordias.

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