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God Of War Is PS4's Highest Rated Exclusive On Metacritic

Apr 30, PS4 This game is a solid 10 out of It is a masterpiece among masterpieces. The only gripe that I would have is that it had to end.

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I'd like to pre-order the next sequel already. Ultimate edition please! Mar 14, PS4 I as a Playstation follower, I had played the original God of War back on the Playstation 2, and I gave it a thorough play-through, however I have never completed any of the previous titles in the God of War series. Read Full Review 1 of 1 users found the following review helpful Rating: Feb 26, PS4 This is the best game I've ever played honestly.

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The action, the story is just overwhelming, i never thought this game would be so touching the way it is. All i can say is that this is a masterpiece, i hope the story doe Feb 26, PS4 In my opinion there were two games released in that stood above the rest.

First of all I had to say that delaying the release of this game in the past was well worth it because they got it Jan 27, PS4 I played this game with a lot of expectation given the great reviews out there.

I initially though it could be better, but, while it develops itself, the game becomes more interesting. The relationship between father and Jan 12, PS4 What's old is new again.


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god of war review:

By agsdeth Review Date: It is the new benchmark for games of this genre. By daegurth Review Date: I would recommend this game to any player. You feel like a Https://gameclub7pro.info/13blog/shadow-of-965.php though out the whole game and boiii m Read Full Review 2 of 2 users found the following review helpful Rating: By SilentAssassin Review Date: Oct 28, PS4 Having played through all of the God of War games, I must admit that this game totally blew my expectations out of the water from the moment I popped in the disc on my PS4.

The graphics looks like a real life fantasy wo Read Full.

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