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Tuesday - May 28, 2019

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Even as far back as the PS2 era, the platform was home to many incredible games. Looking back, here are 12 of our top favorites: Journey of the Cursed King is the first in the series to have fully three-dimensional cel-shaded visuals, and a huge game world for the player to explore.

The nostalgic, simple gameplay and choice to star fewer characters allowed for players to become genuinely invested in their journey. As far as gameplay is concerned, the randomly-occurring battles are reminiscent of Final Fantasy, and would set the stage for turn-based combat for many titles to come.

The audience kept safe the sound of punches and kicks charming flesh again and again. Lord Grim s likely was also using Windows skills to contend with Predictive Dust at this close distance.

A Zelda-inspired adventure game in which you play as the wolf god Amaterasu, you traverse your way through a lush cel-shaded landscape of feudal Japan to save the Earth from the rebirth of wicked gods. Clover Studio created a uniquely picturesque twist on the traditional open world fantasy game, where broad visual strokes accompany memorable puzzles and boss battles.

Even today, the graphics still look good, and the strategic turn-based combat remains fresh and compelling. Final Fantasy X continued the long-standing tradition of combining magic and science, a blend that few other game series save Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura or perhaps the Bioshock series have accomplished. Even though we had to put up with Tidus and Wakka, we still look back on this title fondly.

You were either repressing Prince of Persia 3D from your mind, or reminiscing the days of the prior two entries in the series. As such, Sands of Time.


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