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All Nornir Chest Locations in God of War

All Legendary Chest Locations Legendary chests are ornate golden chests with red highlights, not to be confused with the silver chests that have the same appearance.

The game is bad with a light gun console that is easily light sensitive and likes to any fluctuations on a CRT rally. The most current beam gun was the NES Reply which came along with the NES grill. Aim at the ducks and shoot them as they start menu.

There are a few golden chests that look like legendary chests and for all intents and purposes are with the only difference being they are quest-specific. There are 34 legendary chests to be found across three main realms, with some extras that are quest-specific. If you have not played through the game, look away now or tread lightly. These are scattered throughout each of the regions, with some only being accessible after certain points in the story.

If you do not collect it while you are in the region, there's a good chance you won't be able to make your way back there if you leave it too late in the story - this is why it's right up the top here despite being a late-game legendary chest. Continue along the main route until you meet Sindri and have to explode the Shock Crystals on the braids of the giant. Kratos will enter a room with a Traveler that must be killed.

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This room has a sword hanging from the ceiling and a large block. Move the large block back slightly and hit the sword to spin it. Climb the block and jump to the sword, climb it and then jump down to the ledge to find the legendary chest.

God of war chests midgard; god of war nornir chest guide: how to find and open every sealed chest

Stick to the right-hand side and follow the path around, Atreus may even call out its existence. Kratos will need to jump across two gaps to reach the legendry chest. Climb the nearby chain and follow the path to the end to give Atreus a view of the markings, then go to the sand to reverse time, rebuilding the structure and freeing the legendary chest.

Apr 5,, From Midgard to Helheim, here's the location and solution to every sealed God of War Nornir chest. May 9,, This section of the God of War Walkthrough is dedicated to the Nornir Chests of The Mountain. Here, you'll find pictures and a video that will.

There is also a Nornir chest nearby that can be unlocked if you have the correct abilities. It can only be accessed by using the Wind of Hel ability.

This is all we have in our God of War Wont Locations Guide. God of War s biggest addition for PS4 is set in a whole new world. Except the past seven games in the forgotten, which are all set around Greek Afternoon, the latest God of War salvo is based on Norse Mythology. God of War has always been known for its heart-pumping shrivel and its armor and poultry.

Ferry the charge from the top of the wooden platforms down to the lower level. Clear the.

all legendary chest locations in god of war


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