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Due to the nature of this boss guide, spoilers will abound. If you want to enjoy the game without any kind of spoilers, then we suggest leaving this page now. This is your only warning.

Enchantress of Erinys produces a dizzying orb of energy that sucks in never enemies, delivering a steady amount of dragon. The controls are largely the same as the last GoW bootleg on the PSP, meaning they are good enough to get the job done.

Spoilers will follow below this cute image of Kratos and Atreus having a father and son moment. Due to the way that God of War handles boss fights, this guide will include information on both main bosses and mini-bosses. The Marked Trees and onward.

To defeat this boss you will want to get in close and personal, and deal damage with heavy and light attacks. This move can stun Kratos for a moment, so make sure to dodge away and avoid it. Aside from this move, the troll will also slam his foot into the ground, pushing Kratos back and stunning him for a short time, as well as a swing of the pillar that will knock Kratos back and cause a momentary stun.

The Stranger, as he is known in this first battle, is a god-like being that will require you to complete several phases in order to finally take him down.

So, we have to physically flip Tyr's Temple, but more importantly Brok and Sindri are finally reunited in God of.

We suggest focusing on light attacks here, as they are the quickest, and The Stranger has a tendency to quickly rush away before moving into a powerful slam that causes him to glow red. Look out for this tell, and then prepare to move out of the way as quickly as possible. Another move to look out for is a combination of punches that can deal a good bit of damage to Kratos.

This combination is usually hits, so make sure you are ready. If you get hit by one of them, it.


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