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A Hyperion guard shows up as sentinels in the background lob projectiles at you. Try to kill off the guard first, timing parries to deal massive damage with counters.

When the Hyperion guard is downed, focus on parrying the projectiles from the enemies in the distance. When they're dead, search the courtyard for a hidden red orb chest and another chest with a gorgon eye in the left-hand corner. Also look for a glowing spot on the floor in the middle of the arena.

Infos zum Game▽▽▽ God of War: Chains of Olympus beginnt in der Stadt Attica, in der Kratos gegen. Kratos vergisst niemanden, der ihm einmal Schaden zugefügt hat. Welcome back to God Of War: Chains Of Olympus! As always i hope you enjoyed this video, if you did then.

Turn the beam counter-clockwise to point at one of the four doors that dot the perimeter of the courtyard. With the beam touching the door, the door opens up, letting you pull out a statue that's facing west your left. Move the west-facing statue onto the floor switch just south of it closer to the beam gizmo and then reposition the beam to hit the statue.

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The beam will redirect onto a second door on the left, giving you access to a statue that faces east. Move this statue onto the floor switch directly east of the last one and then use the beam to open up the two doors on the opposite side of the courtyard.

Casual Cowards 16.1 – God of War: Chains of Olympus - god of war chains of olympus part 16

Move the statues behind those doors out of their holds. Now comes the fun part.

None of that means he d make for a bad mixed fight scene, though. What makes him wrong for the movie is that he s less of an extensive foe and more of an interesting gameplay mechanic. Phaedra looks just a tad-bit goofy and doesn t always cast that ominous shadow over the hero that the film-makers will be happy for. Figuring out how to trick him into fighting track of you in the tunnels and recognizable up behind him makes you feel pissed when it works in the game, but on the river I can t panic it being a very informative brand of action.

You've got four statues and four floor switches in the courtyard. Position the two north-facing statues on the two southernmost floor switches, and then place the east- and west-facing statues on the other two floor switches, facing each other.

With all four floor switches depressed, another statue rises up from the center of the courtyard. Turn the.



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