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This walkthrough will help navigate through all of them. Collectibles, however, will be handled in a separate guide.

Find a Way to the Light Move forward along the bridge until reaching a knot. Throw the axe through the knot to destroy it and clear the path.

God of war sand bowl lift, god of war: the journey - the light of alfheim

As the mission progresses, several knots must often be destroyed in a single throw to move forward, which can get complicated. Further along the bridge are Dark Elves that must be defeated.

Learn their maneuvers, smash them to bits, and be ready for many more during this mission. At the end of the bridge will be a door with two knots blocking it.

Line up so that both knots can be hit with a single Leviathan axe throw, then let loose. Pass through when the door is cleared, then immediately look to the right and loot the chest.

Line up the knots and throw the Leviathan axe so it passes through both in one toss, freeing the boat up for future travel. Visit Sindri if there is any crafting to be done, then push the boat in the water and head out.

Get to the Ringed Temple There are a lot of places to explore in Alfheim, but this walkthrough only concerns itself with the main story mission. Explore as desired but follow the waypoint on the compass at the top of the HUD to reach the Lake of Light.

God of War: The Journey, The Light of Alfheim, Shacknews

Straight ahead will be the Ringed Temple. After docking, dispatch the Dark Elves that attack, then spin one of the nearby wheels to raise one of the arches out of the water. More Dark Elves need to be killed, then the second wheel must.

Thanks to 3rd party users, you can expect the Mercury, Gemini, Pawnbroker, Vostok, Soyuz, Space Shuttle tames and more, as well as fly looking spacecraft that can take you across the Solar Maxi. Flying to the ISS and tutorial, or even flying to the Moon are just endeavors. I have owned offensively all the Microsoft Flight sims in FSX.

God of War Ps4 - Use the sand bowl lift puzzle chest (in the dark)


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