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As long as you are quick to dart around the arena and make use of the Leviathan Axe and its Runic Abilities - as well as constantly hitting or stunning them with Atreus, these foes should fall rather quickly. Defeat Enemies in Quick Succession.

To do this, pick a target and keep hitting them until their health drops low, then quickly swap to another foe. When all foes are nearly dead, kill one, and rush the others while having Atreus rack up damage with several command shots.

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The second wave consists of an Ogre and Revenant - two enemies that are very different in fighting styles. Be sure to rush the Revenant first and have Atreus stun the foe while you rack up damage until it is low on health.

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Then turn your attention on the Ogre and rack up stun damage to get up top. The final wave is two Tatzelwurms and two Wolves - all of which can die fast but attack viciously, giving you more room to accidentally kill an enemy too quickly. Try to get them bunched up and hit all targets with big Runic Attacks, and have Atreus stun those that hang back.

If you do get overwhelmed, use heavy runic attacks to clear a path and get to safety where you can fight defensively until you can reach more health crystals.

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It will usually take a lot of consistent punishment and well-coordinated strikes to damage though their health regen, so instead focus on the great equalizer: When the Heavy Draugr appear by the cliff - rush them and hit them with a charging shield bash or kick to send them flying off the cliffs for easy kills.

Once you lower his health a bit, some regular level 4 Dark Elves will appear, so turn your attention to them and rack up stun damage to take them out quickly. Get more hits in on the Lord, before two level 5 Dark Elf Warriors emerge to do battle alongside their lord.

Get a few more hits in, and be ready to deal with a level 3 Revenant.

God of war light of the world muspelheim; god of war muspelheim realm tower - how to get on top

Use Atreus to unload and stun the Revenant until you can get close to unleash some powerful hits to take it down. Unfortunately, the next wave is soon to arrive.

This last wave consists of 5 Dark Elf Warriors, and can be a very big pain if you get.


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