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God of war be a warrior ps4 gameplay trailer

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God of War – Be A Warrior: PS4 Gameplay Trailer | E3 2017
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God of War — Be A Warrior: E3 has arrived and with it, plenty of new games to fill our hearts desires as we seek new worlds to discover! God of War has won many countless awards for their innovative stride throughout the catalog of the PlayStation games.

And being a PlayStation exclusive, living up to the word itself, always brings players something new and gives that nostalgic feeling from hearing Kratos scream!

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God of War has left a legacy behind with the following releases: Betrayal — God of War: Ghost of Sparta — God of War: Origins Collection — God of War: However, in everything will change as Santa Monica has confirmed through the release of two trailers that God of War will be returning in a completely new way.

First and foremost Kratos is a father again, but this time he has a son instead of a daughter. Kratos has also lost his chained Blades as his main weapon from former God of War games.

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Undergo the true story behind Kratos tragic past and the coastal rise to his seat on Mount Superior. Journey with Kratos in a strange and destructive rampage through the dark world of the Greek gods as he misses his cursed history. In this guide we find how to play Store God of War Ghost of Van on your numerous phone with ppssp emulator. 1 how to use ppsspp 2 how to enjoy God of War Ghost of Olympus 3 how to run God of War Ghost of Spartaemulator 4 same goals for God of War Ghost of Spartain ppsspp.

We are also placed not in a Greek mythological world, but however a Norse world. Kratos looking upon a Greek Vase and his older self on it. Santa Monica Studios have been redeveloping the world we knew and loved as God of War fans and reintroducing it to us through a different aspect.

There are far more Norse Gods than there are Greek Gods so it will be interesting to see how many will be incorporated into one game. Kratos also possesses a similar ability to call forth his axe similar to how Thor can call his axe at will.

Judging from the mechanics of the game, players will be given similar battle tactics and well as combos varying through weapon choice juts like previous God of War games. The Rage meter for Kratos is also present in the trailer and.

MY REACTION TO God of War, Be A Warrior: PS4 Gameplay Trailer, E3 ORIGINAL VIDEO:https. Jun 13,, God of War trailer showing a little bit more of the story and gameplay. Thanks to all @SonySantaMonica team for working so hard on it! God of War, Be A Warrior: PS4 Gameplay Trailer, E3


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