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God of War Guide – What to do after you finish the game


With the wolf resting in thin air, climb them and find to the small cliff. When you land, fully free the structure here with the Opponent.

Guides God of War Guide — What to do after you finish the game Unlike in previous God of War games where after the credits rolled, you are left with nothing to do, the newest installment of God of War is much different.

Right after Kratos and Atreus finish their journey, the game will not end, though the credits will be rolling.

When you are back to where you are supposed to be prior to seeing the ending, several things will open up that will allow you to continue and finish side quests or embark on a new one. Seek out the 9 Valkyries There are Nine Valkyries hidden in Midgard and other realms that you have to seek out and defeat. These Valkyries are really challenging and can only be defeated if Kratos is well-equipped.

The only way to find it is to final the invitation to go fish with the guy then he takes you to the real. I tried for 3 hours early and could not get it. LethalLaslie l got all the fish with James Morgan and used the new Mark glitch to get the other 3 but l ran into a new it s says on my log that come back later l brained all the fish please help I m still Tim Morgan.

Upon beating these Valkryies, you will be rewarded with tons of Hacksilvers, crafting materials, and of course a rare piece of equipment. Realm Tears Ever wonder what those blackhole-like at some parts of Midgard and the other realms? They are called Realm Tears and those who are high leveled enough, at least level 6, can take down the bosses that the tear spawns.

god of war: how to unlock the secret final ending

When you defeat the enemies that the realm tears spawn, you will be rewarded with items, including the Dust Realm crafting material. Who knows what it unlocks?

Free the Dragons There are a total of three dragons that.

Apr 26,, God of War doesn't end when you finish the main story. Credits roll after you complete the final battle, but they're superimposed over the shoulders of Kratos and Atreus as they finish their journey to the highest mountain in the Nine Realms. Apr 23,, God of War has a long and robust main story to tackle, but when you're done with that there are still plenty of secrets to uncover, areas to. Apr 30,, In case you haven't yet finished God of War's main story, rest have ended, you can once again go out and pursue any remaining side tasks. Apr 20,, God of War is a pretty lengthy game, and the story will take you around 30 hours to beat. If you're still looking for things to do after that, we've.


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