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God of war ps vita gameplay part 1

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Both the original PS4 and the PS3 before the PS4 Pro offered developers substantially more resources to work with than the competition although the PS3 was more of a challenge to code for, as compared to the Xbox This resulted in first-party Sony titles that offered visuals that were objectively superior to what was available on Xbox Take the original Uncharted, for instance.

Thanks to the greatly increased scope for detailed facial animation, at least to the PS2, the studio was able to utilize motion capture, a then relatively nascent piece of tech that allowed for the widely acclaimed and expressive facial animations, particularly in cutscenes. Take deferred rendering for instance.

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This lighting technique allows for a far greater number of dynamic lights visible on screen compared to traditional forward rendering approaches seen in most seventh-gen titles. While the earliest recorded use of the technique was in a Shrek tie-in game for the original Xbox, early PS3 exclusives like Uncharted: The most notorious example was Skyrim which shipped in a virtually unplayable state on PS3 with a lurching framerate and ridiculous loadtimes.

In early days, this often resulted in PS3 games featuring inferior texture quality in multiplats, compared to the Xbox This game had big shoes to fill in, specially after the E3 target render trailer.

This resulted into a highly optimized customized MSAA process along with gains that were achieved due to optimized light shaders and shadow maps.

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And then came the big one. Late into the console generation— and beyond—more AAA multiplats were developed with high-end PC specs in mind and scaled down to work on the seventh-gen consoles. Yet, at the same time, first party studios who, by then had years of experience with PS3 hardware, pushed visuals further out than ever before.

Narrative-focused titles like The Last of Us and Beyond: The tradeoff for less interactivity massively enhanced visual fidelity—with high-poly models and bespoke skin shaders, to the extent that the PS4 ports these titles hold up well in the eighth gen with little more than.

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