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God of war remastered trophy guide and roadmap

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Resident Evil 2 Remake Trophy Guide & Roadmap resident evil 2 remake trophy guide & roadmap

You can still do all of them after the story! Doing the favors is well worth your time. They are shimmering collectibles on the ground.

For all artefact locations, refer to the collectible guide: They are green-colored ravens overlooking certain areas. They are the best hidden of all collectibles. When one is nearby they emit a metallic sound.

God of War Trophy Guide & Roadmap

They are often found in chests, dropped by bosses, and awarded in side quests. Upgrades simply cost XP which you get from defeating enemies.

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Each rune has 2 upgrades. The last upgrade is only possible after beating the story. The axe can be upgraded at any shop.

God of war remastered trophy guide and roadmap, god of war 2018 trophy guide & roadmap

Those are dropped automatically by bosses in the story, cannot be missed. By just finishing the Story you can upgrade the Axe to level 5. You must farm echoes in the randomized Niflheim Labyrinth or sell loot to get the echoes. Now at the shop go to: Now you can fully upgrade the axe.

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Remember the last upgrade requires you to have beaten the story. To unlock the Realm of Niflheim in the realm travel room, you must first find 4 Niflheim Language Ciphers. They are found in the purple chests with a floating face-lock with Atreus opens with the dagger.

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For the locations of all purple cipher chests, refer to the collectible guide: By just finishing the Click you can upgrade the Blades of Chaos to Level 4.

This is dropped by the Valkyrie in the Muspelheim Realm. So just defeat the Valkyrie there. Now you can fully upgrade the Blades of Chaos. Hand a Traveller Shard to Brok or Sindri at one of their shops.


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